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Macaroni cheese – Ceviche version

The first (and only) time I went to Ceviche in Soho I had the most amazing macaroni cheese. It was ever so slightly spicey and just delicious. It turns out that it is not always on the menu – perhaps … Continue reading

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Mexican soup – two ways!

I made two sets of Mexican soup this weekend… both delicious and both quite different. I thought I’d blog about both of them at once, just so the two recipes are kept together for when I look back for this. … Continue reading

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LibrarySherpa chilli

I’ve been meaning to blog about this recipe for a while as it really was a tasty chilli. I won’t reproduce the recipe here (I think LibrarySherpa may blog about it herself) but I will say what I did differently … Continue reading

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Courgette and prawn linguine

This recipe comes from the freebie guide you get when you leave Taste of London. The guide includes many recipes from the restaurants at Taste and many seem far too fancy (and far too meaty!) for me to bother with. … Continue reading

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