About the blog

Hi, I’m Anneli and welcome to my blog. This is a blog about the food I make, and maybe, on occasion the food I eat (at restaurants). I’m pescetarian so
there’ll be no meat dishes here and will mostly be vegetarian. It started off that it won’t be about my everyday food but it has turned into that a bit. I also generally won’t post full recipes from the books I own, purely as I’m unsure of the copyright and I don’t want to stop revenue for the original chef if people then don’t buy the book! But if the recipe is online, I’ll link to it.

I do try to take good photos of my food but so often it is just on my phone so little I can do with them.

I’m just an average 24-35 year old, full time law librarian, living in London.

I tweet @FoodieNelly