(Not very) red velvet brownies with cheesecake swirl

After seeing this recipe from Oh Courtney for red velvet brownies, I knew I had to make them. But, what about this brownie recipe – from ValeriesKeepers? – it had a cheesecake swirl! How might I combine them? EASILY! So I did…

I love red velvet (who doesn’t?) but I haven’t made any in ages. In fact, it had been so long since I had made some, my red food colouring had gone out of date! As it was, there wasn’t much left, but it had gone out of date some time ago. Maybe I’d not used it since I last made red velvet cupcakes (Nov 2012)!

It was pretty easy to make (though I had an internal debate about which vinegar to use – it said white vinegar so I used white wine vinegar, as didn’t want to buy any other type – and it seems I had that same dilemma in 2012!) and all was going well until I after I added the food colouring, I forgot to replace the cap, and oops… the power cable from my hand mixer knocked it over and DISASTER!:Red food colouring

I knocked the food colouring everywhere!! Nearly the entire bottle spilt down the units… and inside too! It looked like someone had had a horrible accident. I had to down tools (mixer) quickly and clean it up before letting it linger – I had a feeling the colouring might stain if not removed fast!

After being distracted from the spillage, I completely forgot to add the chocolate chips to the mixture…. Ah well, I’ll just save them for next time/next bake.

I followed the cheesecake topping recipe from the Valerie’s Keepers recipe and dotted over the top before swirling through, and topping with a little left over brownie mix.

And into the oven! I think I put it on a little low at first (probably about 150C but should have been 175C) but turned up after I realised (20mins in) for the last 10 mins.

So, how did they come out? Not very appealing visually – the red food colouring may as well have not been added – but very tasty! Here you go:

Close up brownie

And more….

lots of brownies

They are quite gooey (ideal!) but tend to come apart where the cheesecake mix is… was quite awkward for getting out of the pan so a note to self to line the pan before to make it easier!

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