Pea, lemon and mozzarella tart

Whilst on Twitter I came across a nice looking photo of a puff pastry tart but it had no link to the recipe – just the title and the picture. So, based on this, I thought I’d make my own equivalent that involves peas, lemon, mozzarella, spring onions and a touch of mint.

Have to say, this night be my favourite recipe ever… Well, it certainly is right now. Never have I been so pleased to have so much leftovers!

So here’s the “recipe”, which is what I made up at the time… Serves 3-6 depending on portion size (6 would be a starter, 4 average dinner portion)…

Bunch of spring onions: 2 sliced diagonally, the rest roughly sliced
1 garlic clove, crushed (or, as I prefer, grated using a Microplane)
1/2 lemon for zest and juice
250g peas (frozen)
Some mint leaves (optional)
1 puff pastry sheet, ready rolled
150g grated mozzarella (I bought the pre-grated kind so would not be too soggy; you could easily get away with 100g if trying to be healthier)
25g cream cheese (optional)

Heat oven to 180degrees.
Gently fry the roughly sliced spring onions (reserving the diagonally sliced ones) with the garlic. Only needs a small amount of heat to soften garlic. Add zest of 1/2 lemon.
Meanwhile cook the peas according to packet instructions.
Once cooked, drain the peas and put them (reserving some for decoration), the spring onion&garlic&lemon zest mix and mint (if using) into a small food processor with a splash of water and blitz into a paste. If too thick, add some lemon juice.
At this point I added the cream cheese to the pea puree to loosen it a bit more but I don’t think this is strictly necessary.
Roll out your puff pastry sheet and prick all over leaving a border round the edge. (I also put mine in the oven to cook a little, a bit like blind baking shortcrust pastry, but not sure this is necessary, but it stopped mine from bubbling up in the middle later).
Spread the pea puree over the pastry, and then top with the grated mozzarella, reserved spring onions and peas.


Place in the oven for about 20mins or until nicely browned on top.

Et voilà!


I do wish I’d remembered to reserve some peas to put on top but forgot and all of mine went into the blender. Ah well. Still tasted good!


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