Potato and cabbage curry

One quick post about this curry from Thomasina Miers in the Guardian. I had hoped it would become my staple curry recipe to defer to but alas, the quest on that continues. The flavour was good but just not what I had hoped. And I still always suffer from the problem with re-heating potato with it ending up tasting slightly odd…

Here is the pic!

Potato and cabbage curry

I am wondering that as it has become increasingly hard to find the time to blog, and to be inspired as what to write – it used to be about what I did differently in the recipe or perhaps what I found hardto do – whether I should end the blog for good. I won’t delete it but perhaps just leave it and revisit at a later date when inspiration comes back… Or my photography skills improve! I have read many other blogs and their pictures are far more professional so my amateur shots are hardly something people to aspire to making!

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