Toffee apple crumble squares

Here we go with one of the most delicious bakes I’ve made.  On a par with the salted caramel brownies I think!
These are toffee apple crumble squares from the Guardian’s Cook supplement in January 2013. (See, I do eventually get round to trying the recipes I cut out and keep!)
I made these as I had my brother, sister in law and little nephew come round but what I didn’t count for was all the stages… I had to get help from my bro to make the breadcrumb topping (flour, butter & sugar) whilst I chopped the apples and made the caramel filling – otherwise might not have had time to make them. I don’t have a food processor so all done by hand!
Check these out (and no, don’t look too closely at the larger lumps – these were mine for the base but the breadcrumbs my bro did were much better)


I had been slightly organised and made the shortbread base in advance, but that was as far as the organisation went!
Here is the bake:

And here is a little slice all on its own … I had hoped it would show the layers, but they are not as distinct as I’d like… But enough that you get the idea!


Definitely a recipe to keep and try again. If needing to save time (and washing up) in future, I may not brown the apples in butter. Not entirely sure it made that much difference.

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