Caribbean jerk stew with beans and coconut

A quick update on this recipe from Waitrose. They have a free paper that contains recipes and offers and as they focussed this one on veggie recipes (apparently trendy right now) I picked it up and started going through the recipes that caught my eye.
This was was super quick to make. I was going to serve it with brown rice but realised the rice would still be cooking after the stew was done – and I was impatient – so I had mine with white basmati rice instead.
Some notes on the recipe:
– really wish I had the pre-chopped butternut squash! Would have made this even quicker!
– the recipe says to use black eyed beans but to me, the beans in the picture were black beans so that’s what I used (and aren’t black beans more Caribbean than black-eyed beans?)
– no way on earth I was going to add pineapple. I like the fruit on its own or as a dessert but never in a savoury dish!
– I’d add more Jerk seasoning next time. I held off as sometimes it can add too much heat to the dish for my liking but could easily have coped with more.
– I added spinach to mine, just because I had some.

Very good post work tea and leftovers worked very nice the next day for lunch.


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