Hot smoked salmon and saffron couscous pasties

Along with cutting out recipes from magazines and newspapers, I also get a lot online that I mostly come across from Twitter. This recipe is from Delicious Magazine, something I’d love to subscribe to but I know I’ll just end up with too many recipes to actually make. I’m still working through recipes from my Good Food subscription that ended many years ago – many untried recipes! So I just follow them on Twitter.
This pasty recipe looked easy enough to make and made enough to give leftovers (on purpose) which is great.
I halved this recipe – it makes four pasties but I was unsure if they could be frozen so I decided to only make two.
It was all pretty easy but I didn’t read the recipe through in enough detail first to see it required chilling in the fridge for 20mins and said the couscous and leeks should be cooled. Perhaps not the best dish to make during the week after work then! I didn’t leave the leeks and couscous to cool enough and nor did I chill the pasties for 20mins – it was more like 10 as I was impatient and the oven was ready.
The recipe adds saffron to the couscous but I’m not sure it added anything to the flavour (or perhaps I didn’t add enough). It didn’t colour the couscous at all so not sure of its purpose!
But anyway. The pasties tasted great. I took one into work the next day for lunch and one minute in the microwave was more than enough to warm the pasty through (without making the pastry too soggy).
I also had some of the filling to use for another lunch day, with some added cucumber in yoghurt. The recipe says to add garlic to the yoghurt but for fear of making it far too garlicky, I just added some dried Ranch dressing mix to the yoghurt, which gave it a lovely flavour. As a side note, my Ranch dressing mix says to use sour cream to make it into a dip but I found it tasted just as good using Greek style yoghurt (I used the 0% fat Total brand) and was probably healthier.
No pictures of the leftover salad but here are the pasties:


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