Broccoli and cheese soup

I am a huge fan of cheesy soups… I’ve previously made cauliflower cheese soup and cheese soup with cumin and made others that have not made the blog. And now I’ve come across this broccoli and cheddar soup from Yes To Yolks food blog. Clearly I had to make it, but had some difficulties with measuring the quantities of ingredients required. I have some US cups to help but found it hard to know how much 4 cups of broccoli would actually be (therefore how much to buy). This is no criticism of Yes to Yolks but more my British lack of familiarity with US food measurements.
Anyway, I didn’t know how to measure 4tbsp butter so I just guessed at a couple of ounces. I also worked out 2 cups of grated cheese was about 5-6oz. And the four cups of broccoli – that was about 12oz, or one large head of broccoli. For any UK people also wanting to try this, instead of half-and-half, I used single cream. Probably not the healthiest substitute but I wasn’t sure what else to use.
Those issues aside, this is a delicious soup! I blended mine at the end, but not completely smooth so it had some texture, and got 4 portions of about 400ml each.
My photos are not as good as those on Yes to Yolks, here they are with a “vintage” filter. Before blending:


And after blending:


Happily I have 3 portions of this soup for lunches this week but I’ll probably freeze a couple instead to save for later.

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