Spicy potato curry with paneer and peas

I pulled this recipe out of Good Food from over 4 years ago but have never got round to making it. I can’t think why it took me so long as I love paneer! It originally comes from Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey book and just a few recipes were reproduced from the book in the magazine.
It is a very oily recipe, with oil being added at each stage of frying, although I found I didn’t need to add any more from the start, but I didn’t measure how much I began with. I think it could definitely be made with less oil and still be a great flavoured dish.
I didn’t use the Cayenne chillies specified but just two whole green ones. It made my dish very mild but I’m not a huge fan of spice as it is.
And here is the pic of it in the pan… The colours were more vibrant in real life:


And it was a really great dish. I’ll be making this one again, but maybe with less oil. It was quick enough for a weeknight after work meal (probably about 40-50 mins in all) and I had enough for leftovers the next day. But I would say as a leftover dish is wasn’t great as the peas lost their colour and the potatoes had that strange flavour you sometimes get with reheated cooked potato.
On a side note I found you can buy pre-cubed paneer. I don’t find cubing paneer all that onerous so I won’t be spending the extra 50p they charge for it (for same weight) but I suppose it might save on some prep time.

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