Salted caramel brownies

This is another one from my most recent addition to my recipe book collection, Anna Jones A Modern Way to Eat. And I think this recipe alone justifies having the book in my (or your) collection.
Anna does warn that they are dangerously addictive, and she is not wrong. I suppose it is quite a simple recipe, starting with making your own caramel (whilst it is meant to be an easy caramel recipe, I did wonder if I was meant to stir the sugar whilst it was heating, and if it was OK to add the cold butter as it fizzed up in the pan a bit…!). But no bother. After chilling the caramel in the freezer (mine wasn’t all that solid, not sure if it was meant to be) you add it to the brownie mix you’ve been preparing in the meantime (very easy) and then into the oven.
Oh my, the smell was amazing whilst cooking and boy was I rewarded after patiently waiting for them to cool down before I could test them. DELICIOUS!!!! I’ll be making again and I think will be me default brownie recipe!
My photo of them isn’t as good as the one in the book, but you can see the bits where the caramel on top has melted:



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