Apple loaf with cinnamon

I’ve made this cake a few times now… It was shown on Mary Berry’s TV programme when Great British Bake Off wasn’t on and seemed quite easy. And who can resist apple and cinnamon?
First time I made it I didn’t put enough eggs in the mix – the recipe said 2 eggs when it was first put online but later changed to the correct amount of 3. Maybe large eggs were needed (i used medium sized) but none of my loaves have risen when I make this recipe. Self raising flour doesn’t seem to do much… Perhaps I should add some baking powder to the mix for some extra lift? I used Stork rather than butter in this latest attempt but don’t recall what I used previously. Anyone with thoughts on the problem, please add comments!
But here is a picture of the two loaves just out of the oven… I just hope cooked all the way through as some of my previous ones were not!


Recipe from BBC Food.

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1 Response to Apple loaf with cinnamon

  1. Looks like something nice to have with a spot of tea!

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