Pea and mint risotto

Having heard of two people having pea and mint risotto recently and loving the pea and mint soup I’ve made, really wanted to make this.
I didn’t have a recipe so I made it up, based on a standard risotto recipe and the pea and mint soup.
Breaking with tradition of not including recipes in my blog posts, this one I will do.
This serves 2 with maybe a little left over for a light lunch (depending on portion size!) and can easily be doubled.

For the risotto: Heat some butter in a pan and add chopped onion. Fry til soft adding 1-2 crushed cloves of garlic.
Stir in 4.5oz rice and stir to coat the grains. Now add about 50ml of white wine and bubble til gone. Now add about 500ml stock ladle by ladle til the rice is cooked.

For the pea/mint puree, cook about 150g frozen peas with a little stock in the water. When the peas are cooked, drain off some of the water til just enough to cover the peas. Add 3 chopped spring onions and some chopped fresh mint. Blend til smooth.

By now the risotto should be cooked. Add the pea/mint puree as well as a handful of more peas. Cook a few mins til these peas have cooked. Add parmesan if desired and serve with parmesan on top.

I’ve also had leftovers of this with some feta crumbled on too which was nice.
Here’s the pic:


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  1. My kind of flavours…

    I love this recipe…do come over and join us at the new vegetarian foodie group “Sharing food with Shivaay Delights”

    Can’t wait to see you there

    Regards D 🙂

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