Coriander flatbreads

I was inspired by a recent Saturday Kitchen episode to attempt flatbreads. By the fact they made them in such a short time was definitely a good thing. And these contained coriander, which o love.
The whole recipe was for coriander fish curry and the flatbreads were just on the side so I did also make the curry too as I had some coconut milk to use up.
The flatbreads were so simple to make. I only made half the quantity and got two small breads from it. The recipe said to add enough water to make a dough and you really don’t need much water at all! So of course I ended up adding too much so had to add some more flour to get a good dough. But they were still good. You don’t need all the butter (100g) in the recipe, just a small amount in the pan.
The breads were a lovely colour with the fresh coriander and turmeric and tasted delicious with the curry powder in them. I’ll be making these again!
Here’s a pic of them with the curry:


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