Butterscotch brownies

I had a bag of Nestle Toll House butterscotch morsels to use – I may have been given them a while ago and has taken me ages to get round to using them! But with a move to a new office in work where sharing baked goods was slightly easier, I thought I’d use them to make this brownie recipe I found.
I’m sure I’ve said before that I’m lucky to have cup measurers when it comes to translating US recipes to UK measurements, and I was again grateful for them except when it came to measuring the butter/Mary (I used Stork) – in that instance I googled the grams weight equivalent.
I was insured about the “packed brown sugar” element. I figured it was soft brown sugar and pressed into the measurer but I didn’t know if it was just light brown sugar or muscavado. As I don’t have enough of either for the recipe, I used a combination of both sugars.
I also didn’t have the right sized tin so spread the mixture over two:


And into the oven… I had it at the right temperature but I think because of my incorrectly sized tins I left them in the oven too long… Whilst they tasted good,  they were a little over done and drier than you might want in a brownie…



They received a lot of compliments in the office, despite my over-baking them but not sure I’ll make them again. I found the smell of them cooking, and afterwards coming out of the tin, too sweet for my liking. So really the over-sweet smell is the only negative.

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