Crunchy top lemon cake

One delicious recipe from Mary Berry… I would say one easy recipe but as I don’t have an electric mixer, doing by hand made it a little harder. This came from Mary Berry Baking Bible and is an all-in-one mix recipe (no creaming of butter and sugar). As I don’t have a mixer I did it by hand and because I wasn’t sure how that would work without an electric mixer, I did cream the butter and the sugar and then added the rest of the ingredients one by one. Not sure if this was the correct way but the cake has turned out alright. More than alright. I love any type of lemon cake and this one I’ll make again (well, I have to in order to justify buying the correct sized circular tin!). Here it is:


I’m eating it as I write this post. Which isn’t good just before dinner but it is only a small slice… Yum, yum, yum!

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  1. this looks scrumptious!

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