Macaroni cheese – Ceviche version

The first (and only) time I went to Ceviche in Soho I had the most amazing macaroni cheese. It was ever so slightly spicey and just delicious.
It turns out that it is not always on the menu – perhaps a winter dish – so when I came across what I thought to be a similar recipe, I had to give it a try.
It was in the Ceviche cookbook and called Huancaina macaroni.
The recipe had a few elements to it – making the Amarillo chilli sauce which would end up in the Huancaina sauce which would end up mixed with the macaroni!
But all aspects were easy to make. I couldn’t find Amarillo chilli so I used a mix of red chillis and green chillis which were still yellow. Not even sure if these were close in flavour to Amarillo ones but it was all I could get.
I made just enough chilli sauce to go into the Huancaina sauce which was basically onion & garlic, with the chilli sauce, condensed milk, some feta and (bizarrely) broken up cream crackers. It apparently can be used as a dip and also in this macaroni dish – good job as I had quite a bit leftover!
And so… The Huancaina sauce is then mixed with some single cream before mixing with cooked macaroni and then being grilled with cheese on top.
Here is the photo:


And you know? It was delicious! Although not strictly speaking macaroni cheese, nor a substitute for it, I was really pleased on how it turned out and will think about making it again instead of macaroni cheese.

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