When I made some scones last weekend, I thought they were the first scones I had made. But it turns out not – I’ve made apple scones in the past. So although not strictly the usual scone, I’ve done the technique before.

And these were a little more successful. And they did taste excellent (if I do say so myself!). The recipe – the first from my relatively new Mary Berry book – said I should get quite a few scones from this recipe, but I must have used a larger cutter as I managed to make about 14… Not to worry.

I followed the recipe to the letter and didn’t knead the dough too much and kept the mixture quite wet.

Here are the little beauties in the oven:


And here they are when they came out!


Some didn’t rise as evenly as I would like – even though I didn’t twist the cutter as I lifted if off, as the recipe instructed. But, that didn’t matter as they were very light and not too dense like some scones can be. This will definitely be my go to scone recipe from now on!

And what did I have with my scones? Clotted cream and jam, of course! I had some blackberry and pinot noir jam a friend made (delicious!) and some normal strawberry jam too. Here is a little pic of them all made up:

And finally, Mary Berry has a new programme on tv and what did she make on her first show? Scones! The ones she made were a little smaller than mine – bitesize (or all-in-the-mouth-at-once size!) but the technique was the same.

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