Christmas truffles

I know, Christmas truffles and it’s February! This recipe from The Spicery I was a little slow in getting round to. They supplied a bonus little bag of spices (Christmas biscuit spices – not entirely sure of the contents but pretty sure contained cinnamon!) and suggested they would be used in making a batch of chocolate truffles. Seemed easy enough and would make nice little gifts I could give out to people. So once I’d purchased some little presentation bags, I went ahead with these.

Easy enough to start with – warm some double cream, add finely chopped chocolate and the spice mix and allow to cool. I left the mixture in the fridge for quite some time and then tackled making them into balls with my new melon baller.

Now, I think there must be a technique to using a melon baller as I failed in making balls with it completely. I had a cup of hot water on standby to assist making the balls but this didn’t help.  I ended up rolling the mixture in my hands to make them into balls and dusted them in cocoa but my hands got completely covered. Surely there must be an easier way? Anyway, here are my truffles – not the 40-50 the recipe said they would make – more like 24:


And here they are all packaged up:

Packaged truffles

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One Response to Christmas truffles

  1. Charisma says:

    Mm these looks soo indulgent!

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