Aubergine fritters

Struggling for ideas on what to have for tea yesterday evening, I flicked through my 320 Italian Recipes book and came across this recipe which seemed relatively easy.
It is basically baked aubergine slices, chopped up fine, and mixed with some feta, parmesan, garlic, breadcrumbs, beaten egg and parsley and then shaped into patties.
Perhaps I put a little too much garlic in these, but otherwise they were really delicious. The recipe made 8 medium sized patties and 4 worked out enough for a main meal with some salad.
I’ve frozen the remaining 4 so we’ll see how they turn out defrosted and cooked. I think I got the quantities right and these didn’t fall apart too much but I wasn’t sure if they needed or lacked something just to bind them together a little more.
Here’s the pic:


There was an article about food photography in the Guardian this weekend which I think I’m gonna have to check out and get some tips from… Most of my pics are from my smartphone and I don’t take much time over the composition… Maybe I should!

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1 Response to Aubergine fritters

  1. Is there really such a thing as too much garlic?!
    These look delicious. Nice recipe find.

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