Vanilla winter fruit compote

The second recipe from my Spicery subscription was a sweet one, and is comprised of a lot of dried fruit soaked in spice-infused honey/water.

I have never used real vanilla pods in cooking before (shock, horror!) but I’ve seen it prepared so many times on TV I thought I knew what I was doing. The pod was tougher than imagined and all the seeds wanted to stay stuck together when I scrapped them out but it was exciting to venture into this unknown. And now I feel more confident if a recipe calls for vanilla in future.
So my dried fruit mix consisted of apples, dates and apricots. I omitted the almonds in the recipe, as I just don’t like them and I also didn’t use the splash of brandy or whiskey, mainly because I didn’t have either.

I got my compote into two small kilner-style jars (OK, mine were IKEA) and I have just polished off the first one.
I don’t know how long the compote can be kept in the fridge but seems OK so far a week later.
I’ve been having mine as a pre-breakfast with Greek yoghurt but can also be served with cream or ice cream.
Here’s my jar of compote:


I’d say I did enjoy this but I’m not sure I would make again as I’m struggling to eat it all before it goes off (who knows when that will be!). But I have enjoyed making something I would not normally attempt.
The next dessert from the Spicery is Creole bread pudding with nutmeg sauce… It serves 6 so I think I need to find some people to come round to help me eat this one!

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