Veggie Christmas 2013

It has taken me a while to get round to posting my first post in 2014… I’m not entirely sure why but after seeing there were quite a few views of my blog lately, that spurred me on!
So I’ll kick off with my veggie Christmas dinner. This year (or should that bow be last year!), I had a variation of something I’ve had previously – a dish consisting of leeks, mushrooms, pastry & stuffing. This recipe came from the Sainsbury’s freebie magazine and knew I wanted to make it as soon as I saw it.
The filling of the pie was a mixture of leeks, mushrooms, soft cheese (I went with one with added garlic as it was what my mum had in the house) and stuffing. I must confess, I didn’t actually make the filling for the pie myself. My sister in law and my mum made it, as I was late back from visiting a friend.
Then this all goes in between two discs of puff pastry. I am really not a master of pastry and I managed to roll this quite thin so I had lots of pastry leftover!
Here is a pic of the uncooked pie, with a little decoration I added to make it more festive:

I brushed it with milk (not the egg as in the recipe but I think all this did was not make it brown as much) and then into the oven…
Et voilà!

The pie was delicious. I had it with red cabbage, sprouts and mixed roast veg. It didn’t need a gravy and, unlike other pies at Christmas I’ve made, I didn’t have an unmanageable amount of leftovers. The pie served 4 people so enough for me on the day, and leftovers for 3 of us the next day.

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