Halloumi, courgette and herb cakes

A quick post about some halloumi cakes (not cake cakes, but like burger patties but veggie)… I saw Gordon Ramsey make them on TV (shock – he made something veggie?!) and whilst I missed him preparing them, I saw him serve them up and they looked fab.

Mine did not look fab. Firstly, I must not have used enough breadcrumbs to bind them or wrung out enough moisture. They fell apart when cooking:


But, I persevered and some didn’t fall apart too much… Each one was rather large – the recipe said they make 8 but I reckon you could make more but smaller ones. They not fall apart as much then. One note about this, if you are going to try it – it involves grating 1 courgette, 2 carrots and 2 (yes 2) blocks of halloumi. I don’t have a food processor so the grating was all done by hand. Not sure I am prepared to do this again – it was a lot of grating!

They did taste ok though, just not worth the effort!


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