Brussel sprout soup

At the last cheese and wine night, for some reason the conversation moved onto sprouts and how a few of us had a love of them. And more so, one of us had a recipe for sprout soup which was particularly good.
So this weekend I picked up a bag of sprouts (£1 for 500g, Sainsbury’s), 3 medium onions (47p for 470g) and set out to make the soup. It basically involved sweating down sliced onions with 25g butter for about 30-40 mins (covered) adding a tbsp sugar and cooking some more 10mins (uncovered). Then add a sprig of thyme along with the sprouts (trimmed & halved). Cover with 1.2lites of stock (made with 1cube, 10p) and cook 10mins til sprouts are soft. Before you blend, remove the sprig of thyme.
Et voila! The recipe said it served 6 but I only got 4 portions out of it. I added a spoon of quark at the end as I had some that needed using up.


You may be wondering why I’ve put costs next to the ingredients and it’s simply because I thought this might be one for Jack Monroe as it works out for about 40p a portion! Probably cheaper depending in where you shop and what deals are on.

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1 Response to Brussel sprout soup

  1. lefoodsnob says:

    Ooh yum! Love Brussels sprouts. Must try this recipe!

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