Mexican soup – two ways!

I made two sets of Mexican soup this weekend… both delicious and both quite different. I thought I’d blog about both of them at once, just so the two recipes are kept together for when I look back for this.

The first was by A Girl Called Jack and her Mexican chocolate, chilli and black bean soup which costs, if following her purchase suggestions, 25p a portion. I can’t say mine was as cheap as this – I used tinned beans which are more expensive (I haven’t got round to trying using dried beans yet) an added a splash of lime juice (from a bottle) at the end which must have upped my costs. I can’t claim I was trying to keep to Jack’s budget but it’s helpful to know it will not be all that expensive.

I really liked this soup (in the picture below it is the darker two tubs) but I think I would have liked a little more heat. I added chilli and the spices but for some reason this didn’t come through much in the final soup. Made 4 portions, just like in the recipe, and I’ll make this again.

The second Mexican soup I made was from Jamie’s 15 minute meals programme I caught last week. The Tiffin Box blogger has written up the recipe, to which I added some paprika, cumin, dried chilli and a cube of chocolate at the end. Unsurprisingly this did not take me 15 minutes – probably quite a lot longer! I didn’t time myself and nor did I rush to make this in 15 minutes, but it didn’t take all that long.

I reckon I’d call this tomato and red pepper soup (with chilli) – it didn’t taste very Mexican really but was tasty. I’ll make this again also. I also got 5 portions out of this, but it would have stretched to 6 if I had added some water at the end to make the soup less thick – but I like a thick soup so I didn’t add any additional liquid.

Both soups were quite different in flavour, so I can’t put them up against each other as to which was best, but I’ll be making both again so both are winners!

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2 Responses to Mexican soup – two ways!

  1. Glad that you were able to make use of my write-up! I like the sounds of the chocolate, chilli and black bean soup too, I’ll have to give it a try!

    • foodienelly says:

      Your write up was most useful, thank you! I had wanted to check whether to include the liquid from the peppers (which Jamie seemed to do on the show) but mine came in brine which wouldn’t be good! I assume you drained your peppers also?

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