Vegiflette toastie (aka veggie tartiflette)

This recipe is probably one of the most unhealthiest I’ve made (other than our cheese and wine nights)… cheese, cream, potatoes, white bread – all together and delicious! This is another one from Hugh’s Veg Everyday and one I wanted to try for ages but I can never find the required chicory in my supermarket. So I improvised…

It is basically slices of cooked potato lightly fried, add chicory (or just some mixed leaves and leftover broccoli as I did) and add double cream. Top this onto some sourdough bread (or ciabatta as I did), top with slices of cheese (I went with camembert) and grill til melted and bubbling.

I think I made an error with the choice of cheese as it melted quite a lot but the whole ensemble was just delicious. The photo I took wasn’t great (mostly because I took if after I started eating, and my mixed leaves dyed the cream a little red – oops!) but I do urge you to try this recipe!


(and nope, that piece of camembert you see on the left is not as big as it looks!! Was a mini camembert I used…)

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