Lemony orzo pasta salad

This is one of my new favourite lunches (or dinners!). It is from a Slimmer’s World recipe book my mum has but I’ve added items over time.
Basically, once you have the dressing ready and the pasta cooked, you can add what you like!
The dressing consists of 4tbsp of fat free vinaigrette (I used Hellman’s), 4 tbsp mayonnaise (I used Hellman’s light), the juice of 1 lemon and zest, plus salt & pepper. Mix all this together (it can look very lumpy to start with) and you’ve got yourself a dressing for 4 portions.
Cook 350g orzo pasta. Then add: 1 grated carrot, cucumber (however much you like), cherry tomatoes, spring onion (chopped – I like to blanch mine slightly in the pasta water to make them less potent). The original recipe involves adding prawns at the end but I like it with grilled halloumi and hot smoked salmon flakes also work well. Avocado is also a nice addition!
I make this for dinner & have leftovers for lunch. Or make a large batch & have it for a few lunches in a row.
The photo isn’t great but here you go!


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