LibrarySherpa chilli

I’ve been meaning to blog about this recipe for a while as it really was a tasty chilli.
I won’t reproduce the recipe here (I think LibrarySherpa may blog about it herself) but I will say what I did differently or the choices I made.
The recipe called for three tins of beans (with liquid!) to be added to the chilli. I only used 2 tins but I also had some Quorn mince so put that in as a substitute for the 3rd can. I chose black beans and kidney beans for mine. I love black beans so try to buy them whenever I see them (which is not all that often). I also trusted LibrarySherpa and included all the liquid from the beans. I think I was unsure about this initially as maybe beans used to come in salted or sugared water but as the ones I bought came in just water, it was all good.
The recipe called for a whole small tin of tomato purée which made it lovely and tomatoey. I cooked if off first before adding the tin of tomatoes as Simon Rimmer keeps saying you should do that to remove bitterness. Not sure makes too much difference but still.
To finish the chilli (mine served about 6 portions) I added some dark chocolate at the end. This was taken from A Girl Called Jack’s chilli recipe and I liked that addition and the flavour it added. I think I may have also added a touch of red wine as I had some lying around.
Here’s the pic… This will definitely be a staple recipe for me now, maybe adding in more spice as mine wasn’t too “chilli” and some mushrooms, just because I love them! I have had it with couscous and also in some tortilla wraps.


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