Cupcake decorating

Yesterday I attended a cupcake decorating class run by the Cookie Girl. Up early to reach her house in North London, myself and 11 others got taught the basics.
Luckily we didn’t have to make to cupcakes ourselves nor the icing, but the Cookie Girl did pass on her tips for making both. One is the use of butter in the cupcakes… I’m a fan of Stork as I don’t have to plan ahead and leave it out to soften (I’m quite lazy in that respect!). I’ve not noticed a difference in taste but Cookie Girl didn’t recommend it or margarine so maybe I’ll change my ways! She also mentioned she has a series of videos on YouTube on decorating tips, so I think I’ll definitely check these out.
Anyway, we got to experiment with using different nozzles for icing (using disposable piping bags – a revelation!!) and there were a variety of different coloured icing (all cream cheese icing) and sprinkles to use. We were taught the basic swirl, the rose (by far the hardest!) and iced gem.
In all, we decorated 8 cupcakes and here are mine. Batch one:


Batch two:


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