Egg fried “rice”

Someone pointed me towards this recipe for egg fried rice where the rice is in fact grated cauliflower. I do love cauliflower so thought I’d try this out.

I thought making this mid-week would be a bad idea as it involved grating the cauliflower (by hand – I don’t have a magimix grater thing) but I don’t think it took too long at all (though I didn’t time myself).

I didn’t have the coconut oil  – my local Morrisons didn’t seem to sell it (or I couldn’t find it!) but otherwise I followed the recipe, using half a cauliflower making 1 portion.

Whilst I thought this was extremely tasty, having finished it about 15 mins ago, I am still feeling hungry… I’m hoping this will pass but my initial feeling is this just isn’t filling enough. I would think about adding some more veg to make it more filling next time. But hey… I will just treat myself to fruit for dessert instead of thinking what else I could snack on…

Here’s the pic:


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