Cheese and wine night

I’ve blogged before about a cheese and wine night I hosted last year – four posts in total – but I won’t be going that blogging crazy this time… Just one post of all the cheeses and their matches.

1. Golden Cross goat’s cheese with Beauvignac – the goat’s cheese had some ash in the rind and not knowing how this affected the taste compared to a non-ashed cheese, it was a really tasty cheese. A good match with the wine.

2. Challerhocke and Riesling – the Challerhocke cheese is from Switzerland and was one of my favourites of the evening. I didn’t write detailed notes about the flavours I got from each one but I just know I loved this! The match with the Riesling was not the best but it did go well with the next wine from Italy…

3. Lincolnshire Poacher with Greco di Tufo – a great strong cheese (and we were treated to quite a good hunk of it too)  went well with the Italian wine. I’d think this cheese would go very well in a macaroni cheese sauce and would go well with chutneys.

4. Raging bull and Vire-Clesse (white burgundy) – my, this was a fantastic cheese! Gruyere-like and purchased from the cheese room in the John Lewis on Oxford Street. You must find this was it was just so delicious. One of my favourites of the night. It went extremely well with the fig accompaniment we had (which was a hit last time too) and I reckon it would melt well too.

5. Three-year-old Gouda and ??? – this mature Gouda was a great cheese (slightly biased as it’s the one I brought) – had slightly caramel notes, bits of salt in it. Gorgeous! But, problematic to match with. I brought a white port which overpowered the cheese with its brandy taste. So we tried it with the white burgundy – a nice match – and also with some Australian Tokay, which worked perfectly. A normal port would also have worked, I think, with this cheese. One to try next time!

6. Le Moelleux du Revard and Saumur Champigny – this cheese was wrapped in spruce to give it flavour from spruce. I was not a huge fan of this cheese but the wine, which was a cabernet franc, was delicious!

7. Mature Winchester and Primitivo – lovely mature cheddar-like cheese. Worked well with the wine too, which was a nice wine just by itself too.

Other notes: we had some accompaniments I’d like to note: the fig thing (I really must learn its real name!) went well with every cheese we had. There was also an apple and fig jam on offer – equally good – and a pineapple/saffron jam condiment (from France) worked well with a number of the cheeses too.

The cheeses were sourced from: Cheese @ Leadenhall, John Lewis cheese room – Oxford Street, La Fromagerie, and Neal’s Yard Dairy.

Wines were sourced from (as far as I remember what people said!): Oddbins (London Bridge), Cheese @ Leadenhall, Borough Wines.

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