Macaroni peas

A quick post on a quick pasta dish I made the other evening. I may have mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of peas but will buy when necessary for a dish. So I have a lot of frozen peas and came across a recipe in Hugh’s Veg Everyday book (honestly, just so many good recipes in that book!!) which was for peas and cheese and garlic and pasta. Sounded like it wouldn’t taste too pea-y so I gave it a go.
Super quick: you cook your peas at same time as macaroni is cooking. Peas don’t take long so once they are done, blitz about half in a blender with some garlic, butter, cheese (Hugh suggests hard goat’s cheese) and a few tablespoons of the water they were cooked in. Add in whole peas and mix with the pasta when it’s done. Et voila!

Mine was quite garlicky but that’s because I couldn’t be bothered cooking the garlic before blending with the peas. I also added some mint but Hugh suggests basil or parsley.

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