Chocolate spice cake

This is a family recipe which came from my nana. I remember having it when I was young and then years went by without any and I forgot all about it. Then a few years ago mum made this for my dad’s birthday and all the memories of this came flooding back. It is a really delicious cake, but takes some effort (whisking egg whites!) and creates a fair amount of washing up.

I won’t recreate the recipe here – I’m not sure I can explain why, it is just that I think I would prefer to know who I am passing the recipe onto, since it has been in the family for ages.

But I will say it involves melted chocolate, the spices are cinnamon, mixed spice and ground cloves, and you fold in egg whites into the mixture which keeps it all light. You then make icing with butter, icing sugar, cocoa and vanilla essence. To make the pattern on top, you use a folk dipped in boiling water…



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