Baked orzo with mozzarella

I have two recipes which are mildly similar so I will post about them side by side. This is the first, from a recipe by Ottolenghi in the Guardian. I’ve had this saved for ages but just never got round to making it… possibly because my supermarket doesn’t always stock orzo so it is hard to find on a regular basis.

I followed the recipe almost to the letter – but I didn’t bother with salting the aubergines (I read somewhere something Delia said that as aubergines here no longer have the bitter taste, they don’t need to be salted, but the reason I don’t is I am just lazy!). I also didn’t add the celery, and sadly no fresh oregano for me, though I bet the dish would have been better if I did have some.

I also made it all in my Le Creuset rather than transfering from one dish to the next. No sense adding to the washing up!


The resulting dish was delicious! Perhaps a little oily (but then again, there is a quite a bit of oil in the recipe) but so good. You could perhaps make it healthier by baking the aubergine first, rather than frying it.

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