Cheese and marmite pasties

A quick post about these cheese and marmite pasties I made a few weeks ago… The recipe makes 6 pasties, and you can freeze them (uncooked). I am about to try cooking one which was frozen, so I can report back how that turned out (I’ll post an update below). But anyway, as you’ll see from the photos, my pasties did not quite turn out looking like the recipe photos, as they both split open at the seem! I don’t know if my crimping just wasn’t up to scratch or what but still…

They tasted good hot from the oven. I had one which I had cooked and left in the fridge over night – this one was ok but a little dry. Definitely best hot, in my opinion!

Just a note: took ages to grate everything. You’d be best using a food processor with a grater attachment if you have one (I do not). Also, I don’t think 2tbsp of marmite is required. I had loads left over so you could probably do with less (a tbsp) to spread on the pastry.

Here’s a photo before they went in the oven:


You can see I tried to patch a hole in one – this patch held but the crimping didn’t:


Sorry for the side photo – didn’t get round to rotating it before uploading!

Not sure I’ll use this recipe again. I may go back to the Hugh one I made a while ago and re-try that.


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