Paneer masala

Another visit from the Book People means another recipe book purchased! I really can not resist new recipe books but as I have so many, I really must! It is like an addiction!

The latest purchase is Prashad: Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Kaushy Patel. Such a pretty looking book and from a quick glance through, some good recipes. At only £7, I could hardly say no…

The first recipe I tried was Paneer Masala. I absolutely love paneer! Saag Paneer is one of my favourite dishes so when I see paneer recipes – I have to try them. I’ve blogged about a paneer with cashew sauce before…

So, this was basically semi-deep frying cubes of paneer – watch out, it can spit! And making the tomato sauce (masala) separately before combining at the end.

The masala used a different combination/quantity of spices than I had used before and it was a lovely flavour. I was nervous about how much turmeric was in it (1 and half teaspoons – I had heard somewhere before that not that much turmeric should be needed and previous recipes I’d used only included 1/2 tsp) but I needn’t have worried.

The sauce was delicious. I added some spinach (I had some frozen) and served it with just plain basmati rice and some home-made dhal (which is the blog post to follow this one…).

Yum, yum, yum!


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