Ginger biscuits


In an attempt to use up the stem ginger I had, a friend suggested I make ginger biscuits, and top with a little stem ginger. We had seen such biscuits in the Wellcome Collection cafe so I wondered: how hard could it be? The recipe, one from Baking Magic, looked simple enough.

Oh but how wrong I was! Despite following the recipe pretty much to the letter, the dough ended up too dry and possibly “over-worked”.

They tasted alright but really too dry – you needed a cup of tea or a glass of water with these!

I think I need to practise my biscuit making – there is clearly a knack to it – so one to try again later…

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1 Response to Ginger biscuits

  1. Oh no! They look sooo delicious in the photos. Do let me know if you need a tester for the next attempt… 😉

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