Pizza with cauliflower crust

I love cauliflower. I’m not sure why but I just do. I also know many people are not fans of it – unless perhaps it is in a cheese sauce!
What this recipe does is use grated cauliflower in place of normal pizza dough. And yes. That is a whole cauliflower to be grated. What an effort that was! I only have a small box grater so this took a while to do.
You start by combining cooked grated cauli with cream goats cheese (I couldn’t find any so used Philadelphia) and egg to make the base. Mine was a little sloppy – not sure if it was meant to be – but it cooked ok:


Now cooked, it’s time to add the tomato topping and whatever else you like. The recipe suggests not to go too cheese heavy so I just put a little amount on. Plus some artichokes (tinned).


Have to say, I am not sure this was worth all the effort. The base didn’t “behave” as a normal pizza base would (I couldn’t pick up a slice, for example) and although it did taste good, I think I’ll just go for a normal pizza next time.

Recipe courtesy of The Guardian:


UPDATE: a friend of mine tried this recipe, which is similar and worked well apparently, but not using as much egg:

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