I am pretty sporadic in my posts so again I apologise for lack of a consistent timetabling of blog posts. I’ve no excuses. Just plain lazy!
But onwards…
At a recent book group, I noticed someone else had the Baking Magic book. They had heard less than positive things about the recipes inside so I wanted to revisit it. And in doing so, I made these Blondies. They are essentially Brownies but made with white chocolate.
There is quite a lot of chocolate in this recipe – 250g of white chocolate (melted to incorporate in the main batter) and dark chocolate chips – 100g. But it is worth it as they are extremely tasty – not surprising really with all that choc!
In making this recipe, I really didn’t plan ahead and do all the prep before. So I was roasting hazelnuts whilst melting the chocolate but I really should have roasted the hazelnuts in advance. I also only ended up lining the tin just before I used it. Better planning would have seen me lining the pan before starting with anything else.
Anyway… These tasted good but they weren’t brownie-squishy-like… I had used a pan bigger than the one described in the book but I failed to adjust the baking time so mine were overcooked in brownie terms (but definitely not burnt!!).
Here’s the pic!


I froze some of these so I’ll see how well they defrost later…

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