Courgette and prawn linguine

This recipe comes from the freebie guide you get when you leave Taste of London. The guide includes many recipes from the restaurants at Taste and many seem far too fancy (and far too meaty!) for me to bother with. But this one seemed easy enough and comes from Taste a few years ago.
It could be made without the prawns and would still be very tasty.
You basically julienne one or two courgettes (depending on how many people this will serve) and fry these til only very lightly browned. You then add some water (1/4 cup) and boil this off. The idea is to fry/steam the courgette so they become very soft and flavoursome. Add salt and pepper before doing this frying/steaming again. It takes about 10mins.
Add chopped garlic and fresh chilli to the courgette and cook a min or two. Add cooked prawns (if using, about 500g for two people) and cook for about 2 mins. And some white wine and allow to evaporate (not sure how much as the recipe doesn’t say!). Add chopped tomatoes (again, recipe doesn’t say how many but I used as much as I wanted of chopped cherry tomatoes). Allow this to cook gently whilst you cook your pasta. Season the sauce and once cooked, mix with the pasta and serve:


Not sure which restaurant this recipe came from as I cut it out from the magazine a long time ago. But it is really good. And the time it takes to cook the courgette is well worth it.

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  1. Looks like a nice spring entree!

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