White choc chip cookies

Ever since I watched the episode of Friends where Monica is after Phoebe’s grandma’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies and it was discovered it came from the back of Nestlé Toll House choc chips, I have wanted to make them.
A friend of mine very kindly bought me a pack of these chips (white ones, or “morsels” as they seem to be called in the US) and once she had also sent me the recipe (from Allrecipes.com) I finally got round to making them.
I was not put off by the American measurements as the same friend had also given me a set of cup measures. Again, the only problem is measuring butter in the cup, so I just looked online and found the conversion (1 cup butter/marg is about 225g, if you are interested). That was before I realised the mobile version of the Allrecipes website has an auto conversion to metric! D’oh!
Anyway, I was concerned the recipe would make 60 cookies but perhaps I was more generous in my portions as I made about 20.
Here they are:


The recipe was very easy. I assumed “baking soda” was bicarb of soda and any old cocoa powder could be used rather than Nestlé’s branded one.
And these were soooo delicious!! Wow. I was so impressed. My flat smelt wonderful, if a little sickeningly sweet after a while.
And these have also frozen & defrosted well.
Another one to make again but I’m not sure our white choc chips taste as nice as the Toll House ones. So I’ll have to hunt them down here. Perhaps Amazon sells them, as they do other American products.

P.S. not sure what the laws are on this but on Allrecipes they put the Registered Trademark symbol after Nestlé and Toll House. So I guess I should have done but I don’t know how to add that symbol!! Please note that Nestlé and Toll House are registered trademarks.

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6 Responses to White choc chip cookies

  1. I guess I know what I can bring you from America when I visit! NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® (as the website wrote it) are our “standard” cookie here. Even without the chocolate chips, that cookie dough base is good for just about anything. Oh, and I think Nestle only uses the word “morsels.” We all call them chips. Very well done, Foodie Nelly!

  2. Sarah says:

    I could never guess who that friend would be!! 🙂 Just use the milky buttons from Cadbury to substitute. That’s what I always used and they worked just fine!

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