Chocolate and ginger flapjacks

I’ve been a bit poor of late in my blogging. This isn’t because I have not been baking. More that I have not found the time to write about it. So this is the first of a few posts of things I made in the last month.
I have a large bag of oats in my cupboard which was taking up space, and I realised that just using them for porridge would not get through the bag quickly enough. So I was pleased to see a page dedicated to oat recipes in a recent Tesco magazine. And it included a recipe for flapjacks, which I thought would be a “healthy” alternative to whatever I was eating for my mid-morning snack in work.
I was reluctant at first, as the recipe involved stem ginger, so my thought was that I’d struggle to get through the jar. I still am concerned (suggestions for using stem ginger please!) but I got over it!
The recipe is simple enough: heat 150g butter, 150g golden syrup, 100g soft brown sugar til melted & sugar dissolved. Stir in 1 1/2 balls chopped stem ginger along with 1 tbsp of the syrup from the jar. Add 350g oats, 1/4 tsp ground ginger and stir to coat. Fold through 100g chopped dark chocolate and press the mixture into a tin (greased and lined, about 15x20cm) and bake for 25mins at 190 C. Cool in tin before slicing.
Et voila!


I will definitely be making these again. They freeze and defrost well so once my stash is out, I’ll make more. And perhaps, having read the ingredients, I realise they are not that healthy, surely they are better than a chocolate bar or shop bought flapjacks? I hope so. They are certainly cheaper.

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