Raspberry and apple crumble squares

Thumbing through one of my stores of recipes I want to try (I have a few places I keep these – never in one place!) I found this one I had seen through the BBC Good Food RSS feed I subscribe to.

It seemed really simple (really, who is surprised there. Simple is best!) so I gave this a go. It is a base of creamed butter and sugar, egg, flour and milk with one cooked apple added. You then put this into a container, dot the top with raspberries and then top with a crumble mixture.

I made one slight error change to how I made this. I use Stork for making cakes (it is easier to cream with the sugar) but when reading the recipe, I didn’t register that butter was needed for the crumble part. As I didn’t have any butter, I just had to use Stork for this too. Probably not the best but I didn’t have time to head out again and get butter. And you know, perhaps this wasn’t the worst thing. The crumble seemed to come together very well and I am sure I can not tell the difference when eating them!

This is one I will definitely make again. Very easy. I didn’t use 200g of raspberries – just enough to look good dotted over the mixture:

20130218 003





You then have to bake it for 45 mins – quite long in cake terms, I think! I was afraid it would burn (as it was getting a little brown on top) so about 15 mins before the end, I moved it down to a lower shelf. Not sure this did much but at least it didn’t burn. Just some bits were a little “well done”. The photo doesn’t do it justice, I don’t think. The colours are not right. But either way: delicious!

20130218 004

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