Baked pasta shells

I was kindly bought some large pasta shells for Christmas and I had been looking forward to making a recipe which involved stuffing them and baking them. I tried this out initially just for me, and then as a thank you to my friend for buying me them and helping me paint my hallway (which she did much better than I did!), I made them again.

The recipe seems simple enough but is a little fiddly. It took about 1 hr 30 mins in all to make – an overestimate I think but involves making a tomato sauce, cooking the pasta, stuffing the pasta and then putting it all together to bake for 35 mins.

The stuffing is a mixture of ricotta, cubed mozzarella, parmesan, and S&P. You then get a basil leaf and wrap this around a little ball of the stuffing mixture and place inside the cooked pasta shell.  You place these on a layer of tomato sauce, top with more tomato sauce and more mozzarella & parmesan.

I pretty much followed this recipe to the letter – but I used more pasta shells than the recipe stated, as perhaps mine were not all that large. The BBC recipe I used said 16 pasta shells for 4 people. 4 people?! 4 shells a person?! That would be ok if it was just a starter. But like I said, maybe mine were not all that large. I just weighed 100g of pasta per person and went with that and ended up stuffing more shells. And it all turned out ok in the end – I just adjusted other quantities accordingly and if I had any leftover stuffing, I dotted it over the top of the bake after adding the tomato sauce.

Here is the picture… it is not all that great (as with so many of my photos, they are taken on my iPhone and tend to be a little blurry) but honestly, it is delicious!

20130218 001

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  1. Good job, they look great! I found that stuffed shells can be a little labor-intensive. (Which is why I can’t remember the last time I made them!)

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