Tomato & mozzarella risotto

Last week’s Guardian magazine had a recipe section dedicated to using tinned tomatoes. This was quite a coincidence as we’d just decided on Return of the Killer Tomatoes as the next movie to Live-Tweet about – see LibrarySherpa’s blog about this – and we would get extra “points” for tomato based foods to eat whilst we watch.
So, naturally I had to try out the recipe beforehand and here it is:


*This pic makes it look like it had a lot of liquid in it, but it didn’t seem that way!

It is not a very photogenic dish but it was quite delicious. Although the recipe was in The Guardian, it was also in Hugh’s Veg Everyday book. In the book he calls for using roasted tomato sauce, not just a tin of tomatoes! Perhaps the roasted tomato sauce would produce a smoother consistency, but I liked the tinned tomato version. And using a tin if tomatoes makes it a simple store-cupboard recipe.
The mozzarella addition is quite delicious, and I also added some fresh basil – but perhaps not enough! Fresh basil, like fresh coriander, I just can’t get enough of!
One final tweak I made to the recipe was to add & cook off some white wine before adding the stock. Can’t make a risotto without wine!
So I will be making this again tonight, in honour of the movie. Just hope it tastes as good as it did last week!

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2 Responses to Tomato & mozzarella risotto

  1. Looks delicious. The Sherpa approves! 🙂

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