Smoked cheese frittata

This is another post about a recipe from the Otttolenghi Plenty book. I enjoy picking recipes from this book & trying them so I can tell my friend about it – we both have the book & both found it hard to “dare” to try a recipe.
This one is smoked frittata.
The frittata is basically a cauliflower frittata with some ingredients which make it smokey: smoked cheese, smoked paprika. It also involved mixing the eggs with some creme fraiche, which I’d not done before for a frittata.
I deviated some the recipe for this one as it called for smoked mozzarella but none of the shops I tried sold it. In the end I went with some soft processed smoked cheese (it comes in a sausage shape) as I thought it would melt well.
I think it worked well. If I’d picked a cheese like Applewood smoked cheddar I think it would have been too overpowering. But this was just right. You definitely needed something like a salad with it to break up the smoke flavour.
So here are a couple of pics… Of the frittata in the pan:


And of a slice with some salad:


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