Cheese soup with cumin

Now, cheese soup is just one of the best things in the world. Not as stodgy as a fondue and miles easier to make. I’ve made a cauliflower cheese soup in the past, which is delicious, so when I saw this recipe in the Guardian for a cheese & cumin soup, how could I resist?

I am mostly blogging about this recipe because it is super tasty. However, it is not great to look at. I mean, it’s just beige soup! And I wanted to note some things I came across in the cooking, so perhaps I can work out what went wrong…

The recipe is basically cooking down onion with bay leaf in a pan. Without bothering with the celery (ick), you add carrots and cumin seeds. It says cook for 5 minutes but having made this recipe twice, I think the carrots need longer. You then add wine and let it bubble til nearly gone, before adding stock and milk and then potato. You have to really finely cube the potato, otherwise it doesn’t cook quick enough. And I have always found that the mixture splits slightly – I am presuming it is something to do with the wine and the milk but I am not sure how to stop it happening. Perhaps cook off the wine so it has really nearly all gone??

Anyway, that all gets cooked together and then time for blending (remembering to remove that bay leaf, of course! I have been caught out by that in the past!) and adding the cheese. The recipe says use Emmental, which I dutifully did, but I wonder if another cheese might be better. Gruyere, perhaps? And I noticed that some of the emmetal didn’t completely melt into the soup. No bad thing, taste wise, but less aesthetically pleasing.

This soup is now a favourite and makes about 4 portions. I have received nice comments on the smell it makes when I heat it up in work and how cheese soup sounds amazing (it is!).

For what it’s worth, here is a pic! See if you can see the tell-tale carrot which did not want to be blended…


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