New Year’s Eve dinner

I have been a bit poor in my blogging of late. I could blame it on lack of time but it is more that I forget to blog when I have the time! Which is why the blog post about what I had on New Year’s Eve is a tad belated…

At home, we would always have a really tasty dinner on New Year’s Eve. A nice way to see off the old year before the new one. I haven’t done this much since I left home (over 10 years ago now) but thought I’d revive it. So for this dinner I made salmon & herby pototo coulibiac. I’ve made coulibiac before (one which involves smoked salmon, salmon and spinach) and loved it. With the addition of potatoes, this should make this dish an “all in one” without the need for too many veg on the side.

The recipe serves 12, so I tried to scale it down for just a portion for one. I figured it wouldn’t be hard (one portion of salmon and just enough potato) but I was wrong… Although I had just one portion of salmon, and one potato sliced up, my coulibiac ended up to be huge! Certainly enough for two portions! But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Thoughts on the recipe: quite easy – frying some onion, slicing potato (my mandolin came in very handy here) mixing with cream and other good things. Then came the assembly. It was basically puff pastry then potato/onion mix, then the salmon fillet, then more potato and then pastry again. Mine was so big I was afraid my pastry wouldn’t cover it all! But it did… and it was a nice meal, but I am doubtful I will make it again. I may just go back to the other coulibaic recipe I saw on Saturday Kitchen years ago (which, if I find the recipe for, I’ll provide a link to!).

Here’s a pic of the monster! I don’t have one of the inside – it didn’t come out very well…


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  1. Wow, this looks really good and sounds delicious!!

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