Chocolate chestnut cookies

Before Christmas, the Guardian had a feature on homemade edible presents to give people. I thought the chocolate chestnut cookies looked simple enough to make and as I was visiting my friends soon after, they would be great to take along. And the sweetened chestnut purée was easy enough to find – my local large Sainsbury’s stocked it.
And so. Like I said, recipe simple enough until it came to piping out the dough in lovely swirls. The mixture was so thick none of my piping implements worked. After much effort I have up and just rolled the mixture into balls and flattened them to make discs.
Here’s how they turned out:

I added some white chocolate stars to make them look nice. And I read some of the comments in the article to seek advice about how to pipe them. Apparently the addition of a little more butter would have been helpful but I really can’t see that. But next time, I’ll consider it. I’m pretty sure there will be a next time. They really were very tasty. Can’t say how long they would last in an air right container. They were all eaten very quickly!

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