Smoked mackerel risotto

This risotto recipe is one of my favourites. It is perfect for a cold, winter’s evening as wonderful comfort food. I first wanted to try it when I was a proper vegetarian and my flatmate made it. Then, once I turned pescetarian, it would be my turn to make it.
I was not disappointed! I’m a big fan of smoked mackerel, and just normal unsmoked mackerel too. My favourite fish, which is tied to childhood memories of camping holidays & with the occasional fishing trip with my dad.
This recipe is from BBC Good Food and is very easy to make. I have made it before by omitting the wine or adding creme fraiche at the end. Both work. Just do try to remove as many bones as you can from the fish!
It is not all that photogenic but here it is, all the same:


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  1. Have you tried this with traditionally smoked mackerel?

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